Our focus is offering you the highest quality tuition at a rate that is fair and keeps a smile on both of our faces!

We LOVE teaching and being true educators we understand that education can be expensive. We also believe in building long-term tuition partnerships, and for that reason we offer a number of offers to reward learners with long-term aspirations. We offer competitive rates and packages to suit all learners and group sizes, so please call to discuss options.

We believe in our ability to get you to enjoy the language – language learning can be tough but with the right tutors, environment and tools, we can help you reach your Arabic language goals and empower you to develop outside of tuition hours!

A few useful points that are useful for you to know about your instructors:

  1. We are all native Arabs qualified to teach the Arabic language; and
  2. We all speak English fluently (that’s pretty useful when you’re first starting out – though we’ll move you on to full immersion as soon as you’re ready!).


Call now on: +1 (647) 537 7999 or email: info@ahlan.ca