When you’re picking up a new language, proficiency is about more than just speaking, reading and writing. Here at Ahlan Arabic, we understand that cultural nuances, dialect differences, and colloquial meanings can make the difference between clarity and confusion. That’s why we’re committed to helping you learn the Arabic language like a native. This is what makes us different:

Fully Immersive – All our instructors are very fluent in English, but our aim will be to rapidly remove your reliance on English and immerse you in Arabic-only tuition as soon as possible to help you learn faster!

Cultural Context – All of our tutors have lived in the Arab world for many years, (across a range of different countries) and in a range of occupations. This means that if you’re looking to learn Business Arabic, we can provide a tutor who not only has a lot of teaching experience, but can go beyond the theory of the textbook when it comes to doing business in the Arab world.

Engaging & Adaptable – With many years of teaching experience, we’ll adapt our style to suit the way you learn. One thing our lessons won’t be is boring, as our enthusiastic testimonials show…

Kids and Young Adults – We offer VS (Vulnerable Sector) police checked instructors who have years of experience teaching in schools, and know how to make language learning fun! We also produce our own range of hand-drawn books and rhyming learning guides that make complicated grammar structures a lot more memorable.

Delivery Methods – While the best option is always in-person sessions, we understand that this isn’t always possible, which is why we’re more than happy to offer sessions by Skype as well – perfect for keeping the learning flow going through the cold Canadian winter!


Call now on: +1 (647) 537 7999 or email: info@ahlan.ca