The course went at an excellent pace and enabled us to learn a lot in a short amount of time. I was also given the tools to continue learning beyond the classroom environment.
– Student at U of T


My tutor is an excellent communicator and clearly explains difficult or unfamiliar grammatical issues in a professional and organized way. Her life experience in several Arabic-speaking countries imparts a richness to the classroom as she is able to convey the cultural meaning behind some idiomatic Arabic expressions in an informative and interesting way.
Gregory B.


Our instructor is extremely enthusiastic and focused on the success of the students and was able to judge when we struggled with materials and was able to cater to our needs and spend more time on those areas.
Student at U of T


Despite my busy work schedule my instructor graciously adapted to my requirements and maintained regular contact to ensure reinforcement and retention. She is clearly committed to her students achieving strong outcomes.
John H.


My tutor did a great job in making every class enjoyable, using props, audio files, etc. She made the class very interactive and encouraged all types of learning.
Student at U of T


My instructor is a perceptive and intuitive teacher who understands the importance of authenticity in style and delivery. Her fast-paced and engaging style allows you to progress quickly and her wonderful sense of humor is a great help in the process of language learning, making her lessons enriching and rewarding. By working through different conversational “scenarios” this year we developed strategies to improve confidence by anticipating topics of conversation and steering discussion in ways that best leverage my vocabulary. I have not encountered this approach elsewhere. My instructor is also careful to ensure that my conversational Arabic is not overly influenced by regional dialects.
— Private Tuition student


My tutor’s talent is not just in her thoroughly comprehensive understanding of the Arabic language. Her cheerful personality, sense of humor and willingness to use music, poetry, textbooks and videos to augment her very interactive teaching style makes learning all the more enjoyable. One would be hard-pressed to find a student of hers that is not enraptured by the way she engages them through her teaching methods.
– Michael


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