We are a dynamic, highly experienced group of instructors with an exciting range of teaching experience. We believe in our ability to get you to enjoy the language – language learning can be tough but with the right tutors, environment and tools, we can help you reach your Arabic language goals and empower you to develop outside of tuition hours!

A few useful points that are useful for you to know about your instructors:

  1. We are all native Arabs qualified to teach the Arabic language; and
  2. We all speak English fluently (that’s pretty useful when you’re first starting out – though we’ll move you on to full immersion as soon as you’re ready!)

Below are our profiles to help you get to know us a bit better!


One of our Ahlan! Founders Faten has taught Arabic and English in the Middle East and Canada- her first Arabic students were a group of British ladies in Saudi Arabia 3 decades ago in ARAMCO (Saudi Oil Company)! Currently, Faten is an instructor at the University of Toronto teaching Modern Standard Arabic. Faten’s strength lies in her ability to develop students’ confidence early on by immediately employing vocabulary and expressions into practical situations. Her energy and dynamism are contagious – she finds a way to keep you smiling as you learn! She has achieved loads of other things including but not limited to managing a national educational project (BLOSSOMS) in collaboration with MIT in the Gulf, founding a soft skills company training many professionals, all of which have contributed to her becoming an even more exciting educator! Ahlan Faten!



Meet Rowshan – an incredible artist and poet at heart, with over 4 decades of teaching adults, children and high school students. Rowshan strengthens our creative presence at Ahlan! by merging his excellence in teaching (yes he’s the grammar genius) and his fun engaging character with his artsy capabilities to create brilliant reading materials perfectly suited to the younger generations looking to love the language early on! Language can be tough enough to learn – it helps to have fun colorful books to help reinforce your learning of sentence structures and phonetics! Ahlan Rowshan!



A mix of both young and more seasoned staff at Ahlan!, Noor is a younger generation Middle Eastern who has both lived and worked in the Gulf for years as well as in Canada and the UK.  She brings fresh perspectives, zeal and commitment to our language teaching, having appreciated the importance of maintaining the treasure of her Middle Eastern heritage and language. Fun and witty, Ahlan! believes one way of keeping Arabic alive is to attract young instructors who can ignite a passion in their students for the language! Ahlan Noor!



Born and raised in Jordan, Fadya specializes in colloquial Levant region Arabic. With a distinct eye (and ear) for detail, Fadya’s precision in her instruction makes her an excellent technical educator. Friendly, lively and with a background in business, Fadya’s teaching style is a welcome addition to our native Arabic teaching team! Ahlan Fadya!

Call now on: +1 (647) 537 7999 or email: info@ahlan.ca